I have used Anglegraphics' services many times and have always been happy with the results.  I have had flyers, invitations, banners, personalized thank you notes and Christmas cards made and they have always turned out just the way I thought they should be.  The work always looks professional and is done in a timely fashion with the cost being reasonable.  When I have asked for work to be done, I always get a friendly person to work with and have been given many good suggestions.


Jacqueline Boyden • Nevada Bell

We have used Anglegraphics for several years for logos, emblems, stationary, t-shirts and hats, promotional items and business card design.  The designs always convey the values of the Tribe in a representation that is respectful, complimentary and distinct, truly a “cultural branding”.  We are pleased to give a high recommendation for Anglegraphics.


Creig Marcus • Enterprise Rancheria

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Rena and I have worked together for over 10 years on numerous projects. She has always been a pleasure to work with and works hard to meet the client's needs. Rena is very professional, timely and cares about her work.      Jennifer O'Harra • Minor/O'harra Advertising

I've utilized Rena's design services for over 6 years now and love her ability to translate my ideas/needs into eye-catching graphics!  Her graphics for my sale flyer's always result in excellent response rates.  She is patient and cares deeply that the results she presents are what you were hoping for.   Great to work with!


Annie • Founder of Dead Sea Warehouse, Inc.

Check out the website that I designed.  Ardezen-USA.com

Thanks, Rena

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